CELLINBIO has been trying to develop high value-added bio-materials using biomimetic system with the aim of developing high value-added bio-materials based on the biological homeostasis, since it was founded in September 2008,

The corporate philosophy of CELLINBIO, “Biomimetics by Biologist”, is our own competitiveness.
CELLINBIO, which has focused on the biological phenomenon, life system and bio-materials since the foundation, is attempting to jump up to be a leading biomaterials company in the global market.

Our company is establishing the process for bio-related mass production and unique R&D platforms to respond smoothly to environmental change of the biotechnology industry. We will do our best to actualize the corporate values of “excellent and safe bio-materials proposed by biologists.

Please keep watching out for CELLINBIO’s challenge for the future to be a valuable company contributing to health and wellbeing of people and society.

Thank you very much.