Talented human resource

Many applicants for the position of business management usually come from the department of business administration, or engineering major associated with working.

Advancing into many other fields of society, except for a research job was limited for graduates with majors in natural sciences, because they are lacking in experiences and knowledge of business related to capital flows, investment, and management.

However, deeper understanding and philosophical basis of nature and biological phenomenon in the biotechnology industry is necessarily required to complete business contents. We believe that graduates in natural sciences could also achieve outstanding business results, considering they supply business-related knowledge.

CELLINBIO attempts to commercialize high value added bio-materials produced from R&D platform based on biological homeostasis which is a major feature of a biological phenomenon, and then apply it to diverse industry sectors such as foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.

We are looking forward to receiving many applications from outstanding individuals who will work for CELLINBIO with competence and passion in order to lead a new paradigm of “valuable bio-materials proposed by biologists”.