Product name PROLIPHIL-C3
INCI name 3-Ascorbyl Carbonyl Dipeptide-17
Korean name 3-Ascorbyl Carbonyl Dipeptide-17
CAS 1570300-22-9
Effect 1. Fibroblast proliferation
2. Collagen biosynthesis promotion
3. Prolidase enzyme activity promotion
4. Melanin synthesis inhibition / skin whitening

PROLIPHIL-C3 is a multi-functional peptide-vitamin C derivative with effects of skin whitening and collagen synthesis. Vitamin C has an excellent antioxidant function and skin whitening activity, but it is easily decomposed by light and heat. Vitamin C has difficulty penetrating the skin due to hydrophilic structure.

CELLINBIO has developed PROLIPHIL-C3 as a new material that can overcome limitations of the skin penetration and safety by combining a unstable vitamin C and a skin penetrating peptide.

Vitamin C stabilized within the structure of PROLIPHIL-C3 evenly penetrates the skin, and then helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement by protecting the skin from oxidative damage and inhibiting melanin synthesis.

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