Product name PROLIPHIL-F4
INCI name Capryloyl Dipeptide-17
Korean name Capryloyl Dipeptide-17
CAS 1800416-47-0
Effect 1. Fibroblast proliferation
2. Collagen biosynthesis promotion
3. Prolidase enzyme activity promotion
4. Excellent skin permeation

PROLIPHIL-F4, as a constituent of collagen, is peptide-fatty acid derivative stimulating collagen biosynthesis by increasing the activity of prolidase which plays an important role in collagen synthesis. PROLIPHIL-F4 effectively reaches the dermal layer owing to outstanding cell permeability and skin permeability. The efficacy of PROLIPHIL-F4 which presents biological activity of wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity by effectively stimulating collagen biosynthesis has been demonstrated in the clinical trial.

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