Company Introduction

We incarnate in human form by continuous cell division from combination of a sperm cell and an egg cell. Our body is made up of cells in spite of being different in appearance.
CELLINBIO include the meaning of “cell in biology” that was created based on the ideas of biological phenomenon originated from the cell which is a functional and structural unit of all living organisms.

All living things have developed the optimal body structure and unique ability to survive during the evolutionary processes of billions of years. Besides, they have their own recuperative power which can reproduce and heal themselves.
Biologists of CELLINBIO who paid attention to this phenomenon are attempting to create higher values using science learned from nature.
The mission of CELLINBIO established based on the motto of “Let nature do what it does best” is to discover higher value added bio-resources/materials and develop them, as well as apply them to several fields such as foods, medicines and cosmetics. Lastly, it is to create values that are needed for our society.