Launched a cosmeceutical skincare brand, “CELLIN-BioLab”
Released products for the improvement of atopic dermatitis, “VITA-CARE7 SYSTEM SERUM/LOTION”
Acquired a patent for a new biologic drug candidate, “CIB 1401H”


Selected as a participant for conducting industry core technology development project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy(MOTIE), “Development of antibacterial/anti-inflammatory peptide materials and products for troubled skin care”
Acquired a substance-related patent for bone substitutes, “CIB09007S”
Acquired a substance-related patent for Proliphil-F4
Acquired a composite-related patent for electrospinning


Acquired a substance-related patent for Proliphil-C3
Selected as a participant for conducting new drug development projects by the Korea Drug Development Fund(KDDF), “Development of a drug for rheumatoid arthritis using IK cytokine”
Awarded as a superb R&D company in the Gyeonggi-do Province


Certified as a INNO-BIZ technology innovation company
Started exporting functional bio-materials to Japan
Designated as a K-OTC and started selling it


Acquired a substance-related patent for VITA-HA
Started exporting THE CELLIN to China


Transferred a Bio-materials Research Center
Selected as a best practice by the Small and Medium Business Administration, “Development of high-efficient production process of adipose-derived stem cell culture for producing cosmetics based on the 3-dimensional cell culture systems”


Donated patented strains of CIB 001(KCTC11717BP)
Completed GMP facility for bio-materials
Produced raw material of Lactobacillus plantarum CIB 001


Approved as a venture company, Cellinbio co., Ltd
Bio-materials Research Center of CELLINBIO was accredited.


CELLINBIO was founded and R&D office was opened.